The dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion is in full swing. Elcul­tra advis­es you on how to man­age nec­es­sary inno­va­tion and change for your busi­ness and helps to inte­grate sus­tain­able improve­ments to your process­es and solu­tions.


Change man­age­ment is the indi­vid­ual aspect of any struc­tur­al change in your orga­ni­za­tion – whether you are fix­ing issues, adapt to changes in the mar­ket, or take advan­tage of the lat­est oppor­tu­ni­ty. The focus is on your team, which needs to learn using the new sys­tems and process­es, while embrac­ing the new direc­tion of the orga­ni­za­tion.


Change sit­u­a­tions often result from M&A or carve-out process­es. Restruc­tur­ing as a result of cen­tral­iza­tion and har­mo­niza­tion of busi­ness orga­ni­za­tions and soft­ware appli­ca­tions require a new way of work­ing in the orga­ni­za­tion, which is the core of our promise:


„We part­ner with our cus­tomers, in order to max­i­mize poten­tial and improve per­for­mance.“

Elcul­tra, found­ed in the sum­mer of 2018 looks back to more than 20 years of busi­ness expe­ri­ence in the areas of senior man­age­ment, con­sul­tan­cy and coach­ing. Elcul­tra advis­es its clients in the con­text of busi­ness change, focus­ing at the inter­face between busi­ness and IT.

“The view from the outside creates new approaches and opportunities.“


Stefan Förster, Managing Consultant Elcultra.

Change Management Consulting

By collaborating with our experts, together we will accelerate your success on your strategic change project. Are you responsible for a strategic project, or are you running a change initiative you want to ensure a successful delivery? Together we will assess the current state and develop a vision, alongside with tangible performance measures for the project lifecycle. With our experts we will create and execute a ‚hands-on‘ plan, leading into successful go-live and manage resistance proactively. To ensure individual and organizational change capabilities, we will build a program around knowledge transfer, coaching and role modeling.


Change Management Project Support

Usually change management is part of a bigger project or program. In order to meet your expected outcome, we will help you to identify change management opportunities in your project, coach your key project team members and stakeholders, and build intrinsic change skills for upcoming initiatives. There is a very high rate of failure on change project – more than 80% (, which are mainly due to interpersonal conflicts. We will help to address the human aspect in this equation and ensure that change management is not being recognized as an event, but as a process.


Change Management Process Improvement

In case you see your project starting to lose focus and getting behind the timeline, it might be too late to approach change management on your project. Work with our experts in order to integrate change management into your day-to-day process management. Expand the learnings cross-functional and build bottom-up an organizational culture which embraces change positive and proactively to stay ahead of your competition. Interconnect Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma), Customer Excellence, Project Management and Team Development with change management.



The world continues to change – FASTER, and nothing is as constant as change.

Togeth­er with you, Elcul­tra devel­ops the strat­e­gy in the con­text of cor­po­rate change and part­ners in the change process, to pro­vide you with a fast and cus­tomized solu­tion.


There are many ways to reach your goal, but usually there are not that many which are time and cost efficient.

Elcul­tra works with you to choose the most advan­ta­geous way to achieve your project goals and strate­gies in terms of time, qual­i­ty and cost.


Having the right business partner and supplier at your side at the right time is not a self-evident fact of course.

Elcultra’s net­work is at your dis­pos­al for all your projects. Based on decades of expe­ri­ence in the con­sul­tan­cy and job place­ment mar­ket, you will find suit­able busi­ness part­ners and providers for your upcom­ing task.